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Getting Started: Questions for Every Photography Project

Having answers to the following questions before you contact Photo Services or prepare to work with an outside vendor will make your job run more smoothly.

Get a Photo Model Release or HIPAA Authorization

Use the university model release forms to obtain written permission to photograph or videotape subjects. HIPAA Authorization forms are required when working with patients who disclose health information in any form. All subjects must complete and sign one of these forms for each photo, taping, or interview session. Learn more and download the forms.

Filming, Photography, and Videography Guidelines for Outside Vendors

Outside production companies, photographers, filmmakers, and others who want to use Rutgers’ buildings and property in print, on film, or on videotape should contact the appropriate campus coordinating office to start the process of filming on location at Rutgers.

Course Offering: "Photography Basics"

CameraIf your position at Rutgers includes regular communication projects, consider signing up for the university’s Communicator Certificate Program. “Photography Basics” provides a basic introduction to equipment and techniques to compose, light, and utilize photos in print and on the web.

Begin with the End in Mind

Deadline: How soon do you need the images?

Scope: How many images do you need?

Subject(s): What/who are you photographing?

Source: Will you use existing photos from Photo Services’ archives or from a commercial source, such as stock photography? Do you need original photos taken specifically for your project? Can you borrow images from a nonprofit source like a museum, researcher, or library?

Use: Will the image be used in a printed publication, on a website, for display, or personal use, etc.?

Dimension and Orientation: What size should the image be when it is reproduced (in inches or pixels)? Does your publication or website require certain photos to be taken in a horizontal (wider) or vertical (taller) direction?

File type: What type of digital file will you need for your project? Learn more with digital photography tech tips

Resolution: What resolution is needed in DPI (dots per inch)? Learn more with digital photography tech tips.

Budget: What is your budget? How are you paying for the images? Learn more about University Communications and Marketing’s photographic services and rates.

Reproduction: Who will be working with the images during production, for example, a designer or web developer?

Delivery: Where and how do you want the images to be delivered? Should they go to you or a designer? Some common delivery methods are email, USB drive you supply, or server download.

About Copyrights

You can't just pull pictures from Facebook, Google, or anywhere else and use them. Many photos are copyrighted, and you need permission to use them unless you know for sure that an image is in the public domain. All Rutgers photographs are protected by copyright. For additional information about Rutgers photos or permissions, contact media archivist Jane Hart, 848-445-1920, Email.

Photo Credits

Check with your photo source to determine if photo credits are required. Photo credits (usually the photographer’s name and/or organizational affiliation) generally appear in print pieces, either at the end of the publication or under the bottom right of the photo in small type. If space and design allow, credits may also appear on webpages.