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There are more ways than ever to share your Rutgers story. Tap into these resources and learn how to take your communications plan to the next level.

  • Sharing the Rutgers Story

    Rutgers is a leading national university with an international reputation for excellence. We are also an academic tour de force in New Jersey with a centuries-old devotion to improving life in our home state. Every day at Rutgers, our people—students, faculty, staff, and alumni—learn, teach, seek answers, solve problems, drive the economy, and make a difference.

    As the primary strategist and key implementer of the university’s comprehensive communications program, the Department of University Communications and Marketing is dedicated to

    • strengthening awareness of the ever unfolding Rutgers story;
    • building support for Rutgers among its multiple constituencies;
    • optimizing the public’s ability to learn about Rutgers and access its many resources;
    • protecting, clarifying, and elevating the Rutgers brand; and
    • helping members of the university community share information and impart their knowledge, both within Rutgers and beyond.

    Where do I find...?

    Finding the right place to get the right information is critical to communications at Rutgers. Check out the links below to find out where to go for information previously handled by these former UMDNJ offices:

    Formerly known as: Can now Be found here:
    UMDNJ-Community Affairs Community Affairs
    UMDNJ-Marketing and Communications Strategic Communications
    UMDNJ-News Service and Media Relations Media Relations
    UMDNJ-Publications Creative Services


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