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Find an Existing Photo

To obtain existing photographic images, you can tap into the online Rutgers University Photo Gallery, request to view the University Communications and Marketing Photo Archive, purchase stock images from a commercial supplier, or seek low- or no-cost images from public domain sources, such as NASA, the Library of Congress, and Rutgers University Archives and Special Collections.

Payments to Photo Services

Payments for Photo Services work can be made through RIAS, or, if a personal order, by check.

Altering Photos

Altered Photo of William the Silent Statue
Enhancing the technical quality of a photograph is acceptable (getting rid of red-eye, reducing shadow, etc.), but changing the meaning of a photo is not. Alteration of a photo that misleads, confuses, or otherwise misrepresents its accuracy is discouraged.

Photo Credits

Check with your photo source to determine if photo credits are required. Photo credits (usually the photographer’s name and/or organizational affiliation) generally appear in print pieces, either at the end of the publication or under the bottom right of the photo in small type. If space and design allow, credits may also appear on webpages.

About Copyrights

You can't just pull pictures from Facebook, Google, or anywhere else and use them. Many photos are copyrighted, and you need permission to use them unless you know for sure that an image is in the public domain. All Rutgers photographs are protected by copyright. For additional information about Rutgers photos or permissions, contact media archivist Jane Hart, 848-445-1920, Email.

Rutgers University Photo Gallery

Obtaining Access to the Photo Gallery

  • Rutgers University Photo Gallery offers a collection of digital images of Rutgers’ buildings, faculty, staff, and students. Browse images by category. Both low- and high-resolution photos are available for Rutgers-related projects. Use of the gallery is restricted to members of the Rutgers community and a NetID and password are required to gain access.

Download Gallery Images

Please note that you may not reuse, sell, distribute, copy, or manipulate any image from the Rutgers University Photo Gallery.

  • Low resolution:
    Suitable for electronic communications, such as websites, enewsletters, PowerPoint presentations, etc. Low resolution images are available for immediate download.
  • High resolution:
    Suitable for print projects, such as brochures, posters, flyers, etc. High resolution images can be obtained by contacting photo archivist Jane Hart, 848-445-1920.

University Communications and Marketing Photo Archive

If you do not see the image you need in the Rutgers University Photo Gallery, the University Communications and Marketing Photo Archive contains an extensive collection of images—thousands, in fact—that you can peruse.

  • Many of the images you see on Rutgers websites and in Rutgers print materials are stored in the archive. When requesting a specific photo seen in a Rutgers brochure, website, or media relations story, please provide as much information as possible so we can more easily access the image for you: where you saw it, what print or webpage it was on, when it was published, whom the photo features, etc.
  • Please note that you may not reuse, sell, distribute, copy, or manipulate any image from the University Communications and Marketing Photo Archive.
  • Contact photo archivist Jane Hart, 848-445-1920, to view the archive and select images for your needs.

Other Sources for Existing Photos

Special Collections and University Archives

Historic Photo from University ArchivesLocated in the Alexander Library at Rutgers University–New Brunswick, Special Collections and University Archives houses an eclectic collection of photographs and prints numbering in excess of 200,000 images, including several thousand postcards. New Jersey scenes and people are especially well documented, as are images relating to United States history through the Civil War. There are also many images relating to Rutgers history.

Commercial Stock Photography

Commercial Stock Photo of Fruits and VegetablesWhenever possible, it is preferable to use images supplied by and taken at Rutgers. However, sometimes purchasing a stock photo from a commercial supplier will serve your needs. Generally, stock images should be purchased and used for the most generic purpose such as showing foods, a globe, a planet, etc. Search the internet for “stock photography” and you will find a multitude of commercial stock houses. Consult our FAQ for general information about photography usage rights, copyrights, permissions, and ownership—information you should be aware of if you are considering a stock image purchase.

If you are showing students, faculty, staff, or alumni, seek out Rutgers images available through Photo Services or arrange for a photo shoot if we don’t have what you need in the Photo Gallery or Photo Archive. Use real members of the Rutgers community, not stock images, when showing people.

Public Domain Photography

Public Domain NASA Photo of Space ShuttleA public domain work is a creative work that is not protected by copyright and which may be used by everyone at little or no charge. The work may not be protected because (1) the term of copyright for the work has expired, (2) the author failed to satisfy statutory formalities to perfect the copyright, or (3) the work is a work of the U.S. government. Search the internet for “public domain photos” and you will find a multitude of public domain photo resources. U.S Government Photos and Images is an official federal government resource for finding public domain images from such entities as NASA, the White House, the Library of Congress, the National Park Service, and many more.