Usability Testing & Web Traffic Analysis

Usability Testing & Web Traffic Analysis

Put Your Website to the Test

The best way to ensure the accuracy and usability of a website is to submit it to a sequence of tests. We recommend the following.

Proofreading and fact-checking. Have the content proofread for spelling errors and inconsistencies and fact-checked for inaccuracies. Learn more about writing for the web.

Mac or PC? What browser? View each page in Mac and PC platforms with multiple browser types and versions (e.g., Internet Explorer 9.0 and higher, Firefox 45.0 and higher, Safari 8.0 and higher) and at various monitor resolutions.

Accessibility. Test pages with a text-only browser, such as Lynx, and accessibility checkers to make sure persons with disabilities can use them. Learn more about web accessibility.

Redirects. Test old webpages or placeholder URLs that you want to redirect to new/different webpages.

Validate coding/links with W3C open access validators. Just as you can have a spelling error in your text, you can have a syntax or other error in your coding and links that will lead a user to a dead end. Testing with these validators will ensure that proper coding underlies your HTML, XHTML, cascading style sheets, and web links. For these validators to test your site, all pages must have a complete DOCTYPE and must specify correct character encoding. For information on DOCTYPES, visit A List Apart. For information on character encoding, visit W3C encoding for beginners.

  1. HTML Validator checks the markup language (HTML, XHTML) of web documents.
  2. CSS Validator checks cascading style sheets (CSS) and (X)HTML documents with style sheets.
  3. Link Checker checks links and anchor links in webpages or full websites.

Web Traffic Analysis

Once your website is built or updated and is up and running, you will want to analyze its effectiveness. Which pages are getting traffic? Are more hits coming from within Rutgers or outside of Rutgers? How are users interacting with your website? These tools will help you understand your web traffic: