Web and Ecommunications word cloud

Getting Started: Questions for Every Web Project

In planning your web/ecommunications project, having answers to critical questions before you get started will make your project run more smoothly.

Audience: Who are the main, secondary, and even tertiary audiences for your project?

Deadline: When should your web/ecommunication reach your audience?

Goals: What outcomes are you looking for? What do you want your audience to do? What does your website need to do? What technical functionality do you require?

Budget: What is your budget?

Resources: Who has the technical, design, and writing skills to implement your plan? Does the person need to know HTML? Who will maintain your website/Facebook page, etc., and keep it up to date?

Scope: Which vehicles are right for your goals? Do you need a whole new website or will an announcement and PDF on your existing site work?

Photos/Multimedia: How will you obtain photography, video, and other imagery for your project?

Promotion: How will you inform audiences of your web presence?

Web Developer Checklist

A road map for creating or updating your website:

  • Choose a platform
  • Find a server
  • Get a web address
  • Create your information architecture
  • Write a webscript
  • Include keywords and metadata
  • Design the look of your website
  • Collect multimedia: photos, video, podcasts, etc.
  • Develop/program your website or hire help
  • Check your website for adherence to University Web Policy and Web Accessibility Policy
  • Put your site to the test
    • Proofread
    • Fact check
    • Browser check
    • Accessibility check
    • Redirect check
    • Coding and link validation
  • Assess web traffic and effectiveness
  • Update pages to optimize search engine results
  • On each page, indicate date page was last reviewed/updated
  • Review pages at least once a year