Print & Publications

Print & Publications

Attractive, well-written print materials and advertisements that are consistent with university identity standards can be highly effective in conveying key messages to Rutgers’ many audiences. University Communications and Marketing offers tips and guidance on developing and producing tasteful print materials and advertisements that will get you noticed and will elicit the responses you seek.

How We Can Help

Getting Started: Questions for Every Print Project

From scheduling to format to paper and ink, keep these questions in mind as you get started.

Tips on Writing, Editing, and Proofreading

Review helpful hints, whether you are doing the writing or someone else is.

Tips on Designing Publications and Advertisements

Make your piece useful, attractive, and engaging.

Tips on Printing and Distribution

Know your printing costs early on so you can stay on budget. Plan how your piece will reach your audience.

Rutgers Visual Identity System

The Rutgers Visual Identity System strengthens the Rutgers identity and unites the university community under a consistent, coherent style. Key elements pertaining to printed pieces include:

Refer to the full Rutgers Visual Identity Manual for more information.

Rutgers Editorial Style Guide

Write out the number "five" or just use a numeral? Is it "freshman" or "first-year student"? Consult the Rutgers Editorial Style Guide to keep your university presentations consistent in style. The guide addresses topics specific to Rutgers and summarizes some of the most frequently raised questions of style.

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