Hire a Photographer

Hire a Photographer

Your first move should be to contact the university photographer, Nick Romanenko, to see if he is available to handle your assignment. If he is not available, we can direct you to University Procurement Services, which can help you find freelance photographers.

University Photographer

If you have special photography needs, the university photographer, Nick Romanenko, 848-445-1917, may be hired for location and studio photography shoots. His rates are reasonable, but his time is limited, so contact him well in advance to determine his availability.


For an accurate estimate on a specific assignment, please consult with university photographer Nick Romanenko, 848-445-1917. Please note that the rates listed below are for photography by Rutgers Photographic Services only. Additional information on hiring a freelance photographer is below.

Original Photography and Digital Output Costs

Images from a shoot are usually presented to a client on an appropriate number of CDs or DVDs, depending on the scope and size of a photo shoot.

Principal photography (in studio or on location) and editing $85/hour
Weekend rates: two-hour minimum $90/hour
Travel time for off-campus locations $40/hour*
Student photo assistant (required for many assignments), includes travel time $15/hour
Professional photo assistant (required in some circumstances) $300/day
Downloading and archiving shot images, which includes renaming and adding metadata $35/Digital Folder**
Digital editing time (processing high-quality images from camera raw files, which allows for a wide latitude in exposure, contrast, and color correction) $85/hour
Duplicate CDs of edited or proof digital images $10/CD
Special Portrait Package $85***

*Please note that when travel is required, client is billed at 54¢ per mile, and for any tolls or parking expenses.
**A Digital Folder contains approximately 40 unedited and processed images. An hour of digital editing time will result in approximately 30 final images.
*** Special Portrait Package includes studio sitting and a CD of hi-res jpeg proof digital files, which is essentially every digital photo taken during the photo session (sittings average approximately 35 to 60 shots), except images where the strobes did not fire or the subject blinked that are edited out for your convenience.

Color Print Costs

Reproduction costs in connection with assignment photography provided by Rutgers Photographic Services.

4” x 6” First print $2.00. Additional copies $1.00/each.
5” x 7” First print $7.00. Additional copies $3.50/each.
8” x 10” First print $9.00. Additional copies $5.50/each.
11” x 14” First print $18.00. Additional copies $10/each.
  • Custom prints are handmade, color balanced, dodged, burned, and cropped to the customer’s exact specifications. Available on glossy or luster finishes, with or without borders.
  • Prices for B&W or color prints made from negatives or slides are available on request.

Wall Print Costs

Photographic Services produces large 20” x 30” mounted and laminated wall prints of Rutgers scenes, some of which you may have seen proudly displayed in numerous campus locations. These custom items are increasingly popular and are available for $185 each.

University Procurement Can Help You Hire a Freelance Photographer

Should the university photographer not be available, University Procurement Services can guide you through the process of purchasing professional services. You will need to identify photography vendors who can provide the services you need. Consider contacting colleagues for recommendations. Additional resources are available on procurement's website Professional Services Overview.

Freelance photographers’ rates vary significantly. Most photographers charge by half or full days. Rates range from $500 for a half day to $1,500 for a full day, but can be much higher depending on the project and number of photos required. You also may be charged for computer time to download, edit, and prepare digital files for your use; equipment including lighting; an assistant’s time, and travel expenses.

Always obtain a written estimate that includes the usage rights for the images. Consult our FAQ page for general information about photography usage rights, copyrights, permissions, and ownership—information you should be aware of if you are considering hiring a freelance photographer. Be sure your written estimate specifies how the images will be supplied, e.g., on CD; DPI (dots per inch); tif, gif, or jpeg format; etc. Ask your photographer to make sure they enter all relevant information into digital files using metadata, including their name and contact addresses, copyright information, and usage rights. Always adhere to standard university purchasing guidelines. Be sure you or your photographer gets model release or HIPAA Patient Authorization forms from your subjects.