Our Units & Mission

Our Units & Mission

Under the leadership of vice president Kim Manning, the Department of University Communications and Marketing supports and promotes the image and mission of Rutgers in New Jersey, across the nation, and around the globe. 

University Communications and Marketing Units

University Communications and Marketing is the key implementer of Rutgers' comprehensive communications program. Our units work collaboratively and creatively on projects, both long- and short-term, that heighten awareness of the Rutgers story. We guide and support Rutgers people as they spread the word about their programs, people, initiatives, and achievements; we help the public learn about and access Rutgers' many resources; and we help the media tap our experts and report on our news and events.

The Department of University Communications and Marketing includes the following areas:


University Communications and Marketing advances Rutgers by promoting the university and by delivering to internal and external constituencies outreach programs and information.


University Communications and Marketing strives to be the leading and reliable source of information about Rutgers, as well as the primary strategist and key implementer of the university’s comprehensive communications program.


University Communications and Marketing is committed to:

  • Quality: ensuring service excellence and quality outcomes by continuously seeking improvements and conducting self-evaluations.
  • Collaboration: working together within University Communications and Marketing, among university departments, and with external constituents to achieve optimal results.
  • Integrity: maintaining professional, honest, and responsible working relationships, practices, and decision making.
  • Innovation: seeking new ways to communicate and approach tasks.
  • Clarity: providing coherent, accurate, and consistent information through a well-defined set of services.
  • Strategic Thinking: maintaining vision while being proactive and planning ahead.
  • Leadership Development: encouraging and providing opportunities for the on-going acquisition of skills, knowledge, and understanding.