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The Rutgers 250 Anniversary Office served to coordinate the university's 250th Anniversary celebration, which began in 2015 and culminated in 2016. Working with various committees and work groups, the office engaged faculty, staff, students, alumni, and external stakeholders in planning the many events and festivities that marked the occasion.

What We Do

The Rutgers 250 Office coordinated and provided support for the Rutgers 250th Planning Committee, chaired by Jorge Schement, vice president for institutional diversity and inclusion. The purpose of this group was to bring together critical stakeholders and decision makers to set the overall scope of the celebration and craft key themes and messages. Additionally, the Rutgers 250 Office assisted an external Blue Ribbon Advisory Committee, which was comprised of key leaders from the cultural, governmental, and corporate worlds who help ensure that the celebration of this significant historical moment is understood, supported, and enhanced by the broader community beyond Rutgers. The Rutgers 250 Office is collecting records and chronicling the successful 250th Anniversary celebration for Rutgers University Archives.

Rutgers specific aspirations and guiding principles for our 250th Anniversary are as follows.

  1. We will express our thanks to all of the constituencies who have supported us through the centuries.
  2. We will celebrate Rutgers’ 250-year history and who we are now, as well as our future.
  3. We will use our anniversary to catalyze a strengthening of our Rutgers brand.
  4. We will employ our anniversary to raise funds for Rutgers.

Additionally our programmatic themes and goals fall under the following areas.

  • Programs and Events
  • Historical Documentation
  • Marketing, Sponsorships, and Promotion
  • Academic and Scholarly Programs
  • Community Engagement

Contact Us

For more information, contact:

Matthew WeismantelMatthew Weismantel, Senior Director
Fax: 732-445-3416

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