Mission, Beliefs & Philosophy

Mission Statement

Campus Information Services (CIS) provides academic and personal support through the distribution of timely and accurate information to the Rutgers community with a commitment to learning, education, and quality service.

CIS Beliefs

WE BELIEVE in providing the highest level of service excellence.
WE BELIEVE that through a commitment to student development and learning, we support the mission of the university.
WE BELIEVE all interactions must emphasize respect for all people as individuals.
WE BELIEVE in timely, accurate, and accessible delivery of comprehensive information through our programs and services.
WE BELIEVE in providing objective programming that is reflective of the diverse Rutgers University community.
WE BELIEVE in innovation and the flexible use of resources to achieve our goals.

CIS Staff Philosophy

WE ARE COMMITTED to fostering a trusting and respectful environment with open, honest, and constructive communication.
WE ARE COMMITTED to a genuine respect for the dignity and uniqueness of each individual, and the appropriate acknowledgement and recognition of contributions.
WE ARE COMMITTED to professionalism and strive for a productive and collaborative work environment that is both rewarding and enjoyable.
WE ARE COMMITTED to providing regular assessment and timely feedback to all staff on the quality and productiveness of their work.
WE ARE COMMITTED to the education and development that produce a dynamic and professional environment encouraging creativity, innovation, and ownership.