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Rutgers Visual Identity System

The Rutgers Visual Identity System provides specific guidelines and standards for using Rutgers' visual identity logotype, signatures, and marks in all university communications and university-authorized products.

Visual Identity Policy

The Rutgers Board of Governors formally approved the resolution establishing the Rutgers Unified Visual Identity System in December 2006. The Rutgers Visual Identity Policy [PDF] was approved by the Board of Governors in December 2008.

Get Your Merchandise Designs Approved

Examples of Rutgers-Authorized MerchandiseAnyone wishing to use Rutgers logotype/signatures or marks on merchandise must first request design approval from the Office of Trademark Licensing. Contact the office.

Official Color: We Are Scarlet

Official Rutgers Color Is Scarlet: Pantone 186Rutgers' official school color is scarlet. Rutgers scarlet is often used in conjunction with black, gray, and white. The Pantone® color system equivalent for Rutgers scarlet is Pantone® 186. Pantone® is a worldwide standard system for designating colors.


Business CardUniversity Procurement Services has contracted with a preferred vendor for stationery products, including letterhead, envelopes, business cards, mailing labels, and memo pads. The arrangement ensures that university stationery adheres to Rutgers' Visual Identity System standards.

A Strong Visual Identity Strengthens Rutgers

Research confirms that a clear and consistent identity helps build and maintain reputation. Regularly reinforced graphic symbols in a visual identity system convey and reinforce the strengths of an institution. The Rutgers Visual Identity System effectively links our campuses, schools, academic units, and administrative offices with the name “Rutgers”—a strong asset that we all proudly share.

Key advantages of the system include the following:

  • At the core of the system is the name "Rutgers," which reinforces the power and appeal of the Rutgers brand.
  • The system is easy to use and is easily interpreted.
  • Widespread use of the system demonstrates and reinforces Rutgers' unique role in the higher education market.
  • Rutgers' logotype, signatures, and marks leverage the university's long-established tradition and status.
  • Because all logotype/signatures and marks are created, archived, and approved by the Creative Services unit of University Communications and Marketing, the university community has a highly knowledgable resource for questions regarding the Rutgers Visual Identity System.

It’s Official: A Rutgers Board of Governors-Approved System

Ever since 2006, when the Rutgers Board of Governors approved the Rutgers Visual Identity System, every member of the university community has played an important role in bringing this cohesive identity to life. The university community's participation and support is essential to maintaining the visual identity system's integrity by applying the system consistently throughout all university communications and marketing initiatives. These include print, web, display, broadcast, and electronic communications as well as university-authorized marketing materials, apparel, and promotional products. 

Key requirements of the Board of Governors-approved system include the following:

  • It is the university’s policy that the official logotype, signatures, and marks in the visual identity system are the only sanctioned marks for use across the university.
  • No other marks or symbols may be used in conjunction with or to replace the official Rutgers Visual Identity System.
  • The logotype, signatures, and marks of the visual identity system replace all other logos and marks at Rutgers. No new marks may be created.
  • All university units must use the Rutgers name and the visual identity system.
  • All university officers are required to support the proper use of the Rutgers name and the visual identity system by ensuring that units and personnel in their areas adhere to established policies and guidelines.

Visual Identity Website

The Rutgers visual identity website is info-central for the Rutgers Visual Identity System. From the website, you can