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Why is liability a concern when distributing promotional items and giveaways?

In the event that a product with the Rutgers name or logo causes damage or injury, Rutgers could be held responsible. The trademark license agreement that is signed by licensed vendors helps to protect the university by transferring product liability back to the vendor. Moreover, licensed vendors are required to carry product liability insurance. Please review the list of prohibited items and designs before choosing a product for your promotion.

How does licensing a vendor benefit the university?

In addition to protecting the university from product liability, the use of licensed vendors helps to ensure that the Rutgers name is not used improperly, or on unsafe products, such as knives and flammable items. Furthermore, licensed vendors are required to join the Fair Labor Association, which monitors overseas factories.

Trademark Licensing Policy

It is the policy of the university that all merchandise branded with Rutgers trademarks, including the name of the university, the visual identity trademarks, and the intercollegiate athletics trademarks, must be obtained from a vendor or manufacturer that has entered into a trademark license agreement with the university. Downloadable PDF lists of licensed vendors and manufacturers are available on this page. For further information, consult the University Trademark Licensing Policy [PDF]. 

All products with the Rutgers name and other trademarks, such as the “Block R” spirit mark or “Scarlet Knights,” must be purchased from a licensed vendor.

Not sure where to look? Contact the Office of Trademark Licensing for help. Email or phone Elyse Carlson (848-445-1951), who will be happy to answer your questions about tchotckes, promo items, giveaways, and Rutgers trademarks. The office also will brainstorm ideas with you and guide you to licensed vendors.

Whatever product you want for your promotion or event, you will likely find it at a licensed vendor—a company authorized to sell merchandise with the Rutgers name and logos.

Our Licensed Vendors

Top 10 reasons to use a licensed vendor

Licensed vendors have been authorized by Rutgers to sell products with the Rutgers name and logos. Why buy from a licensed vendor? Here are 10 reasons:

  1. The university requires that Rutgers-branded items be purchased from licensed vendors.
  2. Using a licensed vendor protects Rutgers from product liability.
  3. Licensed vendors are required to carry product liability insurance.
  4. The use of licensed vendors ensures that the Rutgers name and logos are not used improperly.
  5. Licensed vendors are required to join the Fair Labor Association, which monitors factories to ensure compliance with university and college codes of conduct.
  6. Licensed vendors are accustomed to working with Rutgers students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
  7. Licensed vendors have access to Rutgers’ logos and other artwork.
  8. Licensed vendors will acquire the necessary approvals for your design.
  9. Licensed vendors are knowledgeable about the requirements and policies of the university.
  10. Nonlicensed vendors will be required to complete the licensing process before they can fulfill your order. Licensed vendors have already been through the process. And remember, all promotional companies have access to the same products.