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Sharing Your Video at Rutgers

Your Own Channel

If you’ve got several videos to highlight (and plan to create more), you may want to think about creating your own YouTube channel—a free YouTube-hosted page to collect and highlight your videos.

YouTube provides guidelines for creating and managing a channel. A number of Rutgers units have their own channels, including Rutgers Recreation and RU-tv.

Video Is Social

Online video is the forefront of the social media trend. If you’re creating video, you’ll want to share it. Learn more about using social media to share videos.

Once you have a video, what do you do with it? You want to share it with the Rutgers community. Along with highlighting the video at your own website, you should consider whether it’s appropriate for Rutgers Today and other venues.

Where to Share

Even if you have a video displayed at your website, you may want to see if others want to highlight it, too—or else share it with a broader audience.