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In the age of YouTube, when viral videos can be viewed by millions, you’ll often want to consider adding video to the mix when developing your communications strategy, promoting a program, or highlighting the work of your department or university unit. University Communications and Marketing can help you learn how to create video and share your videos with the Rutgers community—and beyond.

Sharing Video at Rutgers Today

Rutgers Today is Rutgers’ online news center—a source of information about the university for audiences both inside and outside the university. Do you have a video of interest to Rutgers Today’s broad audience? Submit information about your video to Rutgers Today.

Course Offering: "Communicating with Video"

Get an overview of what’s involved in creating and presenting videos. This workshop, part of the Communicator Certificate Program, focuses on the benefits of using video to support and promote Rutgers programs and services, with details on the range of equipment, resources, and services available.

Rutgers Today Videos

Watch the latest Rutgers Today videos at Rutgers Today’s channel on YouTube.

Filming, Photography, and Videography Guidelines for Outside Vendors

Outside production companies, photographers, filmmakers, and others who want to use Rutgers’ buildings and property in print, on film, or on videotape should contact the appropriate campus coordinating office to start the process of filming on location at Rutgers.

How We Can Help

RU-tv, Rutgers’ campus television network, provides programming for the Rutgers community and may be able to assist you in promoting a stellar program or professor.

Learn how to connect with Rutgers Today, Rutgers’ YouTube channel, and Rutgers’ Facebook and Twitter accounts to help promote your video.

Here's some guidance on what’s involved in producing a video, including tips on software and equipment.

Get advice on capturing video that’s actually worth editing—and sharing.

Use these tips on costs and other factors to consider when hiring a videographer or video production company.

Four Reasons to Use Video

Here are just some of the reasons to consider using video:

  • You want to document an event, such as your participation at Rutgers Day.
  • You need to provide a visual demonstration or tutorial.
  • You want to show your program in action.
  • You’re seeking to connect with your viewers in an emotional way, using a mix of music, still photography, narration, and video communication.

Contact Us

If you need assistance with RU-tv, broadcasting, or video, please contact:

Hébert Peck, Jr., Assistant Director, Campus Information Services
Phone: 848-445-1922
Fax: 732-445-5925

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