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Tips on Writing, Editing & Proofreading

Rutgers Editorial Style Guide

Is it Rutgers' or Rutgers's? Editorial guidelines give consistency to text presentation in university communications. The Rutgers Editorial Style Guide addresses topics specific to Rutgers that may not be covered adequately in the standard published style guides and summarizes some of the most frequently raised questions of style.

Communicator Certificate Program: Proofreading and EditingIf your position at Rutgers includes regular communications projects, you should strongly consider signing up for the university’s Communicator Certificate Program. The course “Proofreading and Editing Using the Rutgers Editorial Style Guide” gives participants an overview of the Rutgers Editorial Style Guide and covers proofreading techniques, proofreading symbols, methods for organizing ideas, and editing techniques using real Rutgers University documents.

Give serious consideration to hiring a professional writer who can help you craft your messages succinctly for your specific audience. If that is not feasible or desirable, consider, at the very least, engaging a professional editor and/or proofreader to review your publication or advertising copy.

Create an Effective Manuscript

The Outline

Whether you, Creative Services, or a freelance writer is generating text for your publication or advertisement, begin by creating an outline. This will be your blueprint for organizing your printed piece. Be sure the person responsible for approving the final text (your supervisor, director, or other) approves the outline before you move on to the next phase.

Follow Good Researching, Writing, and Proofreading Practices

Plan for several drafts. Carefully edit and proofread your manuscript. The Rutgers Editorial Style Guide is a key resource. Get approval on the manuscript and have it carefully proofread again before you give it to the designer.

Verify your facts:

  • Check spellings of names
  • Check titles of people, departments, centers, etc.
  • Make sure URLs work
  • Check addresses
  • Call a phone number to be sure it is correct

Currency of Content Affects Shelf Life and Quantity

When writing, consider the shelf life of your publication or advertisement. The longer the content remains current, the more copies you can print and the more times you can run your ad. Consider driving readers to a website where information that changes quickly can be updated regularly.

Follow University Purchasing Guidelines in Hiring Consultants/Freelancers

If you are working with a consulting or freelance writer or editor, be sure to follow University Procurement Services guidelines before entering into an agreement with your professional services provider.

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