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Guidelines for Photo Subjects

Get a Photo Model Release or HIPAA Authorization

Use the university model release forms to obtain written permission to photograph or videotape subjects. HIPAA Authorization forms are required when working with patients who disclose health information in any form. All subjects must complete and sign one of these forms for each photo, taping, or interview session. Learn more and download the forms.

Whether you are managing a photo shoot or plan to participate in one, follow these guidelines to make sure your subjects or you look great on camera.

  • If asked to bring two sets of clothing, wear one and bring the other on a hanger with all the accessories (shoes, ties, belts, handbags, etc.)
  • Bring a brush or comb, mirror, makeup, hair gel, razor, etc., for on-the-spot touch ups. Don't forget tissues, cotton balls, or blotter paper to control facial shine.
  • Do not wear all black or all white unless asked to do so.
  • Ensure all clothing is clean and nicely pressed.
  • Always arrive dressed and ready to go.
  • Be creative! Feel free to bring props to complete your character (i.e., backpack, books, cell phone, mp3 player, briefcase, sports equipment).
  • Get plenty of sleep the night before, so you can be fresh and upbeat, so you will look your best.
  • If you can’t make it to the shoot, please call your instructor or the photographer and let them know.
  • Women: Please do your hair and make-up at home before you arrive. Wear clothes that are not low-cut or too tight, or skirts that are not too short.
  • Men: Please shave and do your hair at home before you arrive. Wear clothing that gives you a well-groomed appearance and that is not too tight.
  • Show up at the designated place on time. Be sure to let the photographer know if you need to leave early.
  • Be sure you have signed a model release form. This says you are giving the university permission to use your image.
  • Most importantly, come ready to have some FUN!!!

Apparel Do’s & Don’ts

What to Wear:

  • Bring a sweater or jacket, in case a change in appearance is needed.
  • Long or short sleeve shirts, depending on the season (no white or black unless asked for)
  • “Polo” or pull over type shirts
  • Sweatshirts (preferably without logos unless requested)
  • Casual slacks (e.g., Dockers)
  • Khaki colored shirts or slacksStudent Ready to Have Photo Taken
  • Sweaters
  • Business attire (if requested)

What Not to Wear:

  • Baseball caps or hats (unless asked for and to avoid "hat head")
  • Designer labels (displayed)
  • Clothing that reveals large tattoos
  • Large, distracting jewelry
  • Loose, baggy clothing
  • Wrinkled or rumpled clothing
  • Sloppy or dirty jeans
  • Tops and/or hip huggers that reveal the navel and/or bare midriff
  • T-shirts with commercial/corporate logos, pictures, slogans, or other writing
  • All black or all white (unless asked for)