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Events & Outreach

You want to publicize your events and initiatives and share your knowledge with the Rutgers community and the public. Members of the public want to tap into Rutgers’ expertise and its many programs and vast facilities. Events and outreach go two ways—and go hand in hand. Whether you are hosting a top-drawer speaker, launching a new research center, offering a new major, or starting a new program for local children, these resources can help you maximize your events and outreach efforts.

On-Campus Event Promotion Guide

Get the word out about your upcoming event. Find detailed information on “chalking,” posting flyers, holding a public forum, and other on-campus promotional options.

Promotion through Media Relations & Rutgers Today

At least four weeks ahead of your event, contact the Media Relations staff member who works with your academic or administrative area. We’ll work with you to determine your best publicity strategy. If you have an event webpage, it can be submitted for consideration as a link from the Rutgers Today “What’s Happening” section.

Rutgers Today: Your source for university news. Link your website to Rutgers Today with the Rutgers Today web graphic. Download the graphic.

Rutgers–New Brunswick Programs for the Community Website

Browse the directory of programs to find dozens of events, programs, and services that bring Rutgers’ resources into the community.

  • Faculty and Staff: Use the directory to explore colleagues’ programs—or share your own.
  • Students: Find volunteer and service-learning opportunities.
  • General Public: Connect with university offerings, from swim lessons for kids to expert advice for small business owners.
Rutgers Exhibit Kit

Having an event? Faculty and staff can use the exhibit kit to showcase the university brand. The kit includes table coverings, banners, podium signs, media backdrops, floor coverings, and other items.

How We Can Help

From RU-info, Facebook, and the Events Calendar to “chalking,” posting flyers, and joining the Rutgers Speakers Bureau, find a multitude of resources to promote your events, publicize news, and share your specialized knowledge and initiatives with the public.

University News and Media Relations will assist you in communicating with reporters, promoting an event, or responding to a media inquiry. Rutgers Today, the news hub for Rutgers, is a great place to get the word out about your event or initiative.

The University Communications and Marketing Office of Community Affairs manages a number of community outreach programs that bring Rutgers to the public and the public to Rutgers.

When you become a part of signature Rutgers events like University Commencement, Rutgers Day, or Homecoming, you reach large audiences on the Rutgers campuses.

Learn How to Reach Your Audience

Communicator Certificate Program

If your position at Rutgers includes regular communication projects, consider signing up for the university’s Communicator Certificate Program. A number of courses offer training in event promotion and outreach to the public, including:

Contact Us

If you need assistance with events and outreach, please contact:

Linda Bassett, Senior Director
Office of Community Affairs
Department of University Communications and Marketing
Phone: 848-932-0595
Fax: 732-932-6950
Location: Alexander Johnston Hall, College Avenue Campus

Karen Smith, Senior Director
Office of University News and Media Relations
Department of University Communications and Marketing
Phone: 848-932-0552
Fax: 732-932-8412
Location: Alexander Johnston Hall, College Avenue Campus

Jim Stapleton, Interim Senior Director
Office of Campus Information Services
Department of University Communications and Marketing
Phone: 848-445-1926
Fax: 732-445-5925

Location: Davidson Hall, Busch Campus